College Notes

Conference Papers

2017(Invited)“Imagined Space in Edmund Spenser’s Shorter Poems”, Plenary Lecture at Bookends XI, University College Cork, 20 April 2017.
2016“Creating Borders in Colin Clouts Come Home Againe” at Tudor Stuart Ireland Conference, National University of Ireland Galway, 20 August 2016. (Podcast available here).
2015“Imagined Space in Edmund Spenser’s Ruines of Time” at the International Spenser Society Conference, Dublin Castle, 19 June 2015.
2015(Invited)“Mapping Edmund Spenser’s Munster Estate” at Irish Renaissance Seminar, University College Cork, 16 May 2015.
2015“Ben Jonson and the ‘Shutting Up of His Circle’” at Bookends IX, University College Cork, 24 April 2015.
2014“Edmund Spenser’s Complaints (1591): A Bibliographical Approach” at Early Modern Studies Conference, University of Reading, 8 July 2014
2014“Cosmology and Edmund Spenser’s Complaints: The Ruines of Time, The Teares of the Muses and the Cosmos” at Bookends VIII, University College Cork, 25 April 2014.
2014“Edmund Spenser and the Politics of Print” at Borderlines XVIII, University College Cork, 5 April 2014.
2013“Inappropriate Virtue in Books I and III of The Faerie Queene” at Bookends VII, University College Cork, 6 June 2013.
2012(Invited)Daphnaïda: Spenser’s Reworking of Chaucer’s Book of the Duchess” at Irish Renaissance Seminar, University College Cork, 12 May 2012.


2017“The Unity of Edmund Spenser’s Complaints”, Doctoral Thesis on CORA.
2016“Review: Romeo and Juliet Presented by the Cork Shakespearean Company”, in Shakespeare in Ireland: An Academic Blog of Early Modern Events and Research in Ireland.
2016“A View of the Present State of Ireland”, in The Literary Encyclopedia.

Useful Links

Primary Sources
Luminarium – contains primary texts (with biographical material, essays, and other contextual resources) beginning with Medieval texts and ending with the Restoration.
TEAMS Middle English Text Series – focuses on Middle English manuscripts.
Early Modern Texts – Early Modern Philosophical texts from all over Europe.
Digital Tools and Resources
Spenser Online – the home of Edmund Spenser Studies on the Internet.
Centering Spenser: A Digital Resource for Kilcolman Castle – “Centering Spenser is a website focusing on the colonial settlement in Munster (in southwestern Ireland) and the associated writing of Edmund Spenser (1552?-1599), one of the great poets of the English renaissance” (from Centering Spenser website).
International Sidney Society – “The International Sidney Society is a non-profit, academic organization that fosters and promotes scholarship and teaching on the lives, works, and cultural contexts of Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) and of writers and thinkers closely associated with his extended family’s familiar circle. Unique among literary organizations for its focus on this literary, cultural, and political group centered on a prominent family, the Society includes members from diverse disciplinary backgrounds. The society sponsors sessions at several academic conferences, publishes the Sidney Journal, and promotes teaching and research related to the Sidney Circle” ( from International Sidney Society website).
Ordinance Survey Ireland – has a interactive map of Ireland that identifies and describes all known archaeological sites.
The Map of Early Modern London – “The Map of Early Modern London is comprised of four distinct, interoperable projects: a digital edition of the 1561 Agas woodcut map of London; an Encyclopedia and Descriptive Gazetteer of London people, places, topics, and terms; a Library of marked-up texts rich in London toponyms; and a versioned edition of John Stow’s Survey of London” (from MoEML website).
Shakespeare in Ireland – “This blog is designed to draw together academic events, plays and research in early modern literature across the island of Ireland” (from the website).
Digital Reconstruction of Early Modern London – YouTube video of a digitally reconstructed Early Modern London.
Voyant – word visualization tool.
Digital Tool Tutorials
Lacuna Stories – tool for collaborative commentary.
Palladio – web-based visualization tool for researchers.
Text Technology – textual digitization.