New Beginnings

Since the completion of my PhD in 2017, this website has functioned as a repository of my academic publications and conference contributions. All of this material can now be found under the College Notes tab, along with useful links to other websites.

Now that I have completed the PME, and am working full-time as a secondary school teacher, this website is in the process of being re-purposed as a repository of notes for Junior and Senior Cycle English and History.

Dedicatory Note to the Countess of Pembroke

Preface:The Ruin of Time  is a modern spelling version of the preface to Edmund Spenser’s The Ruins of Time, which will follow in the coming days. Like the vast majority of Spenser scholars, I find this project I have taken up — to create an online, modern English edition of Spenser’s Complaints — to be a little sacrilegious. The way Spenser constructs words is a vital part of his poetry, and by modernizing the spelling of these poems some meaning will be lost. My hope is that the poems are made more widely available to the uninitiated, and that increased interest in these works will compensate for the loss of depth and texture.



Blogging the Early Modern

I have spent the past five years writing my PhD thesis on Edmund Spenser’s Complaints (1591), which can be found here. Now that that is done, I have decided to start a blog as a sounding-board and site of conversation about my upcoming endeavors.